Happy New Year–New Dates for Walk In Days

Welcome back! It’s the new year and that means time for change and focus. Are you thinking you want to change your personal situation but don’t know how to begin? Come in and talk about it. We can talk to you and your partner about the benefits of working out solutions through mediation to help you both move on in a positive way. Our “walk in” sessions offer you the chance to ask questions with no obligation or cost. The next “walk in” dates are Saturday Jan. 19, Wednesday Jan. 23, Saturday Jan. 26, Wednesday Jan. 30, and Saturday Feb. 2. We are here between 10 a.m. and 12 noon on all dates. If those times don’t work please call us at 978-566-0152 or email at dgaspar@gasparmediation.com and we will schedule a private session at your convenience. No cost and no obligation.